The Ekberg/Sturfält Piano Duo

Oskar Ekberg and Martin Sturfält were both students at the Royal Swedish College of Music in Stockholm when they began working together as a piano duo in 1999. Since then both have had considerable success individually as soloists and chamber musicians, and have been awarded prizes in several Swedish and Nordic piano competitions. Ekberg/Sturfält Piano Duo focus at performing original works for two pianos, but also take interest in chamber music where two pianos are included. They have been coached by such well known teachers as Staffan Scheja, Ronan O’Hora and Håkon Austbø. Throughout the last few years they have established themselves nationally in Sweden with several well received recitals and as soloists with orchestra, and they have performed a large selection of the repertoire for two pianos from Bach via Mendelssohn and Stravinsky through to contemporary composers such as the Swede Mats Larsson-Gothe. Their most recognised achievement however, both inside and outside Sweden, has been their intense work with Olivier Messiaen’s Visions de l´Amen. Ekberg/Sturfält have performed that work several times in Sweden but also in London and Oslo.

"It’s excellent! Admirable in terms of virtuosity, musicality and comprehension! An interpretation worthy of a CD!"
Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen on Ekberg/Sturfält’s interpretation of Visions de l’Amen in June 2003