Happy New Year 2013!

The first newsletter of the new year with the news that my CD of Adolf Wiklund's Piano Concertos with Andrew Manze and the Helsingborg Orchestra made it to no. 2 in the list of the best releases of 2012, according to Swedish Radio P2's CD-revyn. Take a look here, if you like (and if you read Swedish!): sverigesradio.se

Two recitals in Sweden over the next weeks with my new all Swedish programme. Music ranging from the baroque (Roman) through romantic (Stenhammar, Sjögren) and beyond (de Frumerie) plus some more recent music from Anders Nilsson and Johannes Jansson. And perhaps most excitingly, pieces by two extraordinary 19th century women: Elfrida Andrée and Valborg Aulin!

The first concert is at Folkets Hus in Vänersborg, Sweden on Sunday 20 January at 6.00pm. More info: www.musik2.org

And the week after I'm in Ludvika on Saturday 26 January at 5.00pm playing the same programme.

That is all for this time.

Best wishes
Martin Sturfält